Perfect Wave Power Plant 5 switches itself off

Hi there PS Audio pals! I recently purchased a used Perfect Wave Power Plant 5 from (what I have good reason to assume is) a reliable and trustworthy source.

I have just plugged in all the power cable connections and powered it up as per the user manual instructions. I have not yet networked the unit.

After switching on the unit at the back panel, the front panel logo and screen light up for a several seconds, with the screen showing “Initializing”. The fan also starts whirring and I can feel airflow under the unit. Then I hear a few clicks and the screen switches off. After another 10-15 seconds, the fan stops too.

At this point, the unit appears to be powered down - nothing is lit and the screen doesn’t respond.

I have tried different power outlets and cables running into the unit, but I get the same result.

I’m wondering if this is a common issue and what to do about it? I am happy to go down the product support route with PS Audio but thought I’d seek some advice here first.

Any assistance you can provide would be sincerely appreciated!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Have you tried powering it up with no equipment plugged in? Just the power cord from the PP5 to the wall?

Thank you for the response - I had not tried that, but I just did, and got the same result.

I just noticed that even after the unit appears to have powered itself down (but the rear switch remains on), a single light is visible through the top panel. I’ve posted a picture.

Any other thoughts welcome!



You might consider unplugging it, and opening it up to see if anything wiggled loose while it was in transit to your house.

Otherwise, I think you are going to have to call PSA on Monday.

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice vkennedy!

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That can void warranty and you could hurt yourself.

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From what I understand it’s a second hand P5. I assume it’s out of warranty, but you never know.

Of course everyone should approach anything electrical with caution and take into account their comfort with electronics and electricity.

I believe you are correct, but if a trusted and reliable source, they may allow it to be returned, but not if you open it up and break it. First call to PS to find out if you are doing something wrong. 2nd call to the seller to graciously accept a return if needed. Only after exploring those avenues would I consider opening up -IF- you have some basic knowledge of what you are doing.

Well, sure. I normally assume a relatively reasonable amount of common sense here on this forum.

Thanks all - confirming I have not opened up the unit and don’t intend to! It’s out of warranty, but regardless, I don’t have the knowledge or skill to do it safely.

Will work with PS Audio and hopefully get it sorted - I’ll post an update when possible :slight_smile:


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Good luck Tom. I hope the problem is resolved quickly.

Hi Tom,

At this point, the unit appears to be powered down - nothing is lit and the screen doesn’t respond

You now need to press the front panel logo to take the unit out of standby. I have a P3 and that’s what I need to do.

Good luck!

Opening a PS Audio product never voids the warranty.