Perfect wave power plant10 not booting up

Hi guys.
First post.
Having managed to get the cash together for my power plant (second hand) I have turned it on this evening and nothing.
You can hear the transformer kick in but nothing on screen and no logo button lighting up.
Being an engineer I have stripped her down a little and had a look around.
First thing I noticed was on the right hand board from the front is that only the LED1 but no LED2.
Reseated all connections but still nothing.
On further investigation found burn marks on the left had side board.

I have sent a request in for help as if it is the board then I’m quite capable of changing myself.
Has anyone else had this?
Also being in the UK are parts available over here?

Welcome Wayne, Sorry to hear the new to you P10 got a little fussy. Yes, boards are absolutely still available for that guy and you should be able to get them pretty easily. Our distro out there is Kevin and he is a great guy to work with. Shoot him an email at and he’ll be able to help you out!

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Hey James thanks for the reply.
As always to class service.
Will do thanks

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