PerfectWave SACD Transport not reading certain CDs

After inserting a CD I still get the NO Disk light. It happens to only a few CDs and is repeatable. I shut down the power for 15 seconds, restarted and it played for about 30 seconds before stopping and displaying the No Disk light again. I can still play those CDs on my other system with the DS Mk 1. Any thoughts?

Are you sure we’re talking about the Mk2?
Seems to me you’re talking about a disc player, but which one?
If not, what is that ‘no disk’ light you’re implying?
Is the (what?) cable properly connected, as I understand you’ll be swapping between dac’s?

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Are you moving the same CD transport between the two systems, or does each system have its own CD transport? The fact that it’s happening in the system with the MK2 shouldn’t have anything to do with it, because a DAC has no way of knowing what the source of the bitstream is. Any DAC in general has no idea whether the bits are coming from a CD transport, a computer, or a streamer.

The issue has got to be confined to your source that is causing it to stop reading the disc and thus, no bitstream is being sent to the DAC. What kind of transport are you using? If you do have two transports, have you tried swapping them to see if you get the same result?

I’m sorry for the confusion. Its the PerfectWave SACD Transport that is not reading the CD. No problem with the Mk 2 DAC! Also no problem with the older versions ( Directstream Memory Player and DAC) in my second system. I’m not moving components: different systems entirely.

The No Disk light is on the PerfectWave SACD Transport. It may be CD related. I’m just puzzled why the older transport reads it and the newer model doesn’t.

The newer model has failed. Sadly, it is not unusual. Send it in for repairs.

Is it a CD or a CD- R?

I have a friend who has the same issue with his PST. It won’t play some cds that play fine in his car.
He returned it for warranty but found no improvement, so he just lives with it.

I suggest the following:

Include the offending CD when sending the unit to PSA. I’m sure the technician working on the issue will appreciate it greatly

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If good for most redbook music CD and problem with few, this is what I did when this happened to me.

  1. Actually, clean the CD might work too.
  2. Reset the CD, make sure it sits in tray “perfectly”. Several times I have are fixed this way.
  3. Make a CD copy on my PC, the Copied CD might work. I have maybe 2 or 3 CDs work this way.

I am not an expert. All this sounds to me like the CD drive itself is sensitive. In the PC world I know that this was a thing - certain manufacturer’s drives were faster and had less jitter but were also more sensitive to CD pressings and conditions. Given that today, as I understand it, there is really only one manufacturer of SACD drives I am not surprised that customers are harassed by these read problems.

For the record - I’d be very bothered if I had this problem on my new multi-thousand dollar component!