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I’d like to keep this thread stictly on PWSteamer updates/news. I was just wondering how things are going.

PC version is functional, but still buggy. Latest build was not released to Beta as not much fixed.

SQ seems to improve when using WS. [good news].

Mac version, still no news.

There is a longer version to this but it amounts to the same.


PC version is functional, but still buggy. Latest build was not released to Beta as not much fixed.

SQ seems to improve when using WS. [good news].

Mac version, still no news.

There is a longer version to this but it amounts to the same.

Good thread woot.

I’m not sure if this qualifies as “updates/news,” but I would like to have a better understanding of the PWS process without having to search through previous threads (I’m sure it’s been discussed):

1) Is it software or a component?

2) Is it free like EMM, or what will it cost?

3) Does it install/interface in/via the server (computer) or in the PWD (or Bridge)?

4) Once installed, what will be the best wired interface to the Bridge - USB or Ethernet?

PWS assuming you mean perfect wave stream Known as WaveStream

Ben my understanding is

1)Yes it is a software driver for Windows not including XP or earlier and MAC which is not is Alpha testing stage yet.

2)Yes free to current bridge owners

3)Installs on your PC as a virtual driver take place as would a hardware sound card.

4) Wired Ethernet to bridge is the best interface. WS does not output by USB that is what your USB driver is for. they are one in the same type of function if you look at it like that. they are each drivers. and WS outputs over Ethernet.

What he said…

1. WaveStream is a driver for Windoze 7 and higher and Mac version unknown at this time.

2. Paul has stated that it will be free to Bridge owners. It is also anticipated to be availabe for sale to anybody for use with any UPnP compliant renderer.

3. WaveStream is a real driver installed in a Mac or Windoze computer that will connect audio output from any program in the computer to a UPnP renderer connected over an ethernet network. This driver will be treated by the computer as any soundcard would, thus the original description as the Virtual Soundcard.

4. WaveStream is exclusively an ethernet connection. USB has its own driver and identity within the computer.


Must we count on days, weeks or months for the release date?


Hopefully not too long. [windows version]

This NEW concept of ACTUALLY Beta testing PSA software and compiling a clear instruction document is something that we have been asking for since a long time.

I know we are all anxious to get our hands on the “latest” goodies, but if it is not yet reliable then it is an interruption of listening pleasure [for most] and a support nightmare for PSA.

By putting a TEST HOLD at the RELEASE end it, by nature, works upstream to create a greater sense of attention to "what was changed, why it was changed, what are the effects across the hardware variables AND documenting the journey.

There are 20 Beta testers who know how to get into and out of any trouble caused by Beta products and once released they are also very able to assist anyone who still may have any difficulties or questions.

Enjoy The Music

We should have something soon. One of the things we struggle with is working the bugs out of the modules within the software that make it work. For example, we have a fully functioning version that you may have read about but on high resolution audio the UPnP library we’re using (Platinum) something in that module causes the connectivity to be lost after a period of time.

Seems simple enough but the WaveStream programmer didn’t write that library and we’re now having to go to the Platinum library author and get him to fix it. He is coming back saying "no one else is complaining etc. And so the battle continues. I am getting ready to draw one of my famous/infamous lines in the sand with these programmers - offer them each a bonus for completion in a fixed period and a stick across the ass if they fail.

Good plan.

“Walk Softly but Carry a Big Schtick”.

Thanks for the update Paul, Are you applying your incentive strategy for the Mac programmer

Thanks for the update Paul, Are you applying your incentive strategy for the Mac programmer

The soft cushions and the comfy chair? You brute, Paul.

Threaten to take away his Red Bull and Doritos.

Losing the connection, sounds just like the eLyric app . . . .

Paul McGowan said: the UPnP library we're using (Platinum)

Just in case for those who are interested:

Platinum (used in WaveStream, eLyrics, Foobar, etc):
Rygel (used in the Bridge software):

Gordon: Amen to that!!! :slight_smile:

Paul - I look forward to hearing that you have kicked someone’s butt. :slight_smile: But

don’t let the roadblocks get you down. I think Wavestreamer is looking extremely promising even at this stage, I have been bugging Dennis about a few things but nonetheless I am impressed with what I’ve seen so far, both in terms of functionality and SQ.

I’m getting kinda lost in this discussion about Wavestream. Bottom-line, will it somehow prevent dropouts that occur when streaming? Here’s my frustration with the PW DAC/Bridge–no matter whether I’m using eLyric, jRiver, or Audirivana/iTunes, at some point I get drops, sometimes even total failure and I have to “reboot” to get music playing. The PW DAC is directly connected to a hard drive where my music files are. However, the elyric etc. reside on my iMac or the remote versions on an iPad. I’m starting to think the problem lies in a combination of using a computer that isn’t dedicated to music and/or my wireless system. I got the PW/Bridge in part because I thought I could sidestep the need for a dedicated music server. Now, I’m beginning to rethink that. Or is this Wavestream intended to solve that. Or is just that it will now do gapless?


You will need a laptop or PC in the system to use Wavestream. It will fix all the problems you are having pretty much. But connection problems could still be caused by your system. I don’t know if you are using wireless but Ethernet connections are much better. Also setting a static IP address for he dac will make it more stable. The directions are here on the sight try the How To section. Other wise there are a couple of guys like Gordon and Alekz that can help you. I’m not the greatest on that subject. I see you are running wireless. That makes things a little more challenging with lots of variables like home construction, router, etc. That is why Ethernet is so much better.

Steven B-)

@soyka0120: Just to add to what Steven said; dropouts and such are usually caused by network problems. I used to experience dropouts, but hardly ever do now. The steps I took were 1) setting static addresses for my PWD, iPad, and network switch; 2) going to a fully wired setup [except for control point that runs off the iPad]; and 3) replacing my cheap switch/wireless access point with an Airport Extreme, which is much better quality. Each of these steps reduced dropouts. Wireless is particularly bad if you are trying to stream hi-res audio files.

Regarding the need for a computer/dedicated server: you don’t have to have one. I store my music on a Synology NAS running MinimServer, and use the eLyric control point on the iPad. No computer in sight. BUT you will not get gapless playback this way with the Bridge. WaveStream will give you gapless but will require a computer in the chain. If you don’t play much classical music, the gapless issue may not matter to you.

Some of the beta testers say that WaveStream gives you better audio quality, at least on Windows. That may be, but I would suggest addressing your network issues first. Then you can decide whether you want to add a computer and use WaveStream or not. The Mac version of WaveStream seems to be running well behind the Windows version, so you probably want to start now by fixing your network.


Just my 2cents, yes totally agree David. I used to have hardwired Ethernet Cat6 with my delicated laptop and PWD, dropout getting worse and worse at the end I stopped using PWD streaming.

After I add a Gigabit switch between laptop and PWD, as David mentioned with static IP set up, most important I tweak my laptop for audio purpose (just google it as I’m not IT genius myself), the streaming is getting much better - almost no drop out for redbook, hardly for hi res.

I believe there are other PWD owners have the same problem like us, it would be nice if PSA could give us more info on how to improve the network setting.