Perfect Wave DAC: no updates and bridge (is dead)

Hallo guys, I would like to share with you my problem with my PerfectWave DAC with Bridge: suddenly it no longer recognized the connection with the Bridge (on other occasions it happened that it did not “see” the network, but never even saw the Bridge card!). Then, even if i have loaded the firmware on the SSD card, the PWD does not see it! Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks for the support, I’m very worried … Thanks (

I made other trials in the meantime… i uploaded via SSD the update for the bridge, downloaded from the official ps audio site, and now the PerfectWave DAC is connected!

Is strange… anyway, it works.

But, the connection with the computer, to play from JRiver, is not yet possible

Thanks again for supporting

Regards !

Are you trying to connect via USB?

Hallo jamesh, yes, i am trying via USB and via Bridge, but nothing happens…
even is the bridge now seems connected

Are you trying to hook the DAC up to a Mac or PC? If a PC, do you have the USB driver downloaded?

Thanks, even was already installed (but i didn’t use the usb connection for more than a year), i made the operation now and it works, the usb connection. Thanks so much!

But not yet the Bridge connection, unfortunately…

Bye, best rergards

Shoot our service team an email at
They’ll be able to check if you have all of the latest versions of FW and will have some trouble shooting ideas.

Thanks jamesh! Best regards, have a nice weekend :slightly_smiling_face:

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hallo, a sad update: I took the DAC to the service center as it did not turn on anymore … the diagnosis is the motherboard out of order! And seems is not easy to have the replacement part… waiting for almost a month… (i live Italy). Have you got any suggestions?