How about a Wavestream update?

Wasn’t it around Christmas that we found out we were getting coal instead of Wavestream again this year? But don’t I also remember some encouraging news about some group of “streaming experts” who were (with Paul) going to figure out how close or far we really were from the reality of Wavestream? OK , the suspense is killing us. How close are We???


+1 (or is it +2?)

We are all anxiously awaiting news, including Paul…



+++ :-&

+++++ :-S


+96/24 :-? =4



Well done wijnand

Now that’s MY kind of response! :))


I sold my net work bridge . Still waiting lol.


I use WaveStream with the bridge and JRMC which works very well on all resolutions upto 24/96, WaveStream has better SQ and is more musical than other options available on the Perfect Wave DAC. WaveSream is really worth waiting for in my opinion :x

The only caveat being I have not compared against the perfect wave memory player

Which will come first, WaveStream or Bridge II?

Place your bets!

Mines on WaveStream

Bridge II


The egg. :smiley:


The egg. :D


Chicken out? ;))