PGGB PCM Remastering for DS

This technology is new - only a few months old. Its a file-based upsampling to high sample rate PCM with near perfect signal reconstruction using hundreds of millions of taps. Your FLAC or DSD get remastered to 8Fs-32Fs PCM WAV files. Main site is here.

Certain DACs can take up to 32fs sample rate PCM (at 32bits/sample) for tremendous SQ benefit. PSAudio DS tops out at 384kHz PCM (8fs) but it still sounds very very good. For anyone with a reasonably powerful Mac or Windows box with more than 16Gb, you can audition use the desktop trial mode. There is also an online version.

Audiophile Style has the main thread for those wanting user feedback:

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With Sunlight you should be able to go16Fs or 705.6 via I2S.
I could play 705.6 files with Sunlight but the sample rate was blank on the DS screen.
The online service to convert files for you would be as follows for 16Fs;
$0.04 cents a second up to 11:07 minutes a track with a 4 track max per order for 16Fs.

Derrick, if the source files were M4A the output metadata tags write 0 for sample rate due to an ID3 library issue, otherwise okay …in the queue to get fixed. Will Sunlight allow 16fs via USB?

I believe that quad rate 256 dsd and 705.6 pcm are only via I2S with Sunlight.

tedsmithChief digital dude


Mar 27

As mentioned above the new feature is quad rate DSD input over I2S (DoP or native DSD) and 24bit 705.6kHz PCM comes along for free. (192k is still the highest non 44.1 multiple available.)

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