Pipe Organ Demos

I’d like to give the new REL subs a go, but I’m unfamiliar with pipe organ music.

What recommendations do you have for demo-quality, house-rumbling pipes tracks… available on Roon?


Try this for starters:

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Will do. Thanks!

Two from the earlier days of digital and two very current recordings. At the bottom is a fun, short video.


That Dorian CD was a great one. Should shake the walls with RELs.

Also try this, which is on Tidal.

Many enjoy Saint-Saëns Symphony 3, last movement, for showing off their system’s ability to reproduce organ and fill orchestra.


Though I don’t have a system with a subwoofer and can’t really attest to the deep bass output on this recording, I always recommend this excellently recorded cd of the largest organ my great great great great great grandfather David Tannenberg built.

This one is pretty good too.

This is good tester for subs’ super low end (< 30Hz) representation of pipe organ (track “Julsang”). it does not sound loud, but you can feel waves of pressure coming at you.

One of my favorite organ recording, a lot of LOW ends.


If I want to impress people with my sub (doesn’t happen very often) I play the Saint Saens 3. On a more subtle note I find a sub makes plucked double bass sound more realistic. No Wow factor, but possibly more relevant for general listening.