Huge Church Organ

Ever want to see the inside of a huge organ and hear it played…?


Watching now, it is great fun. Incredible this huge organ has tracker action. Cool.

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Glad you are enjoying the video …it absolutely amazes me…

Lots of moving bits and pieces to break and “misfire”.

I’ll bet they have a full time organ mechanic on staff. :wink:


Yes they do the superintendent of the church facility…

It is astounding.

Thanks for posting this!

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I enjoy sharing truly beautiful creations like this…
the design engineering and craftsmanhip in assembly
is totally in another realm…

Glad you are enjoying this Elk…

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…who apparently is on “immediate call” and sleeps in the organ!



Would love to hear this one in person…the acoustics of the church appear to be quite good.

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Me too…

Wonder what this would sound like in Paul’s IRS V music

Hey Elk…

The knowledge of physics, adiabatics with pipe design and fluting…
to me mind boggling…

Those guys knew a thing or two…
Bet you and Ted Smith could faahion something like that… :innocent:

It is amazing.

The biggest instrument I have worked on is a harpsichord. Pretty wimpy in comparison.

It would sound quite good. But its probably the ONLY instrument on earth that No speaker can reproduce properly, due to the amounts of air thats required to move. Do not get me wrong, loudspeakers can do quite a good job, but even electronic based organs fall down because the speakers can just not physically move the air thats required

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True, although this is true of rock concerts, a full symphony orchestra, a wind ensemble, etc. as well.

For that matter, no system truly reproduces any instrument–even the quiet ones.

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this is also true (not having been to a rock concert before), but I was being more specific about the organ, as its my main genre for replay, having over 300 CD’s and 300 DAT/Minidisc recordings dedicated to just that genre. This why my hunt for a decent sub (within my budget) is so important, and given the limitations of my very modest system :thinking:


Organ is tough. The system need to go down to 16Hz or so as well extend into the very highs given not only the small pipes but also the overtones. And then there is the dynamic range!


Perhaps Paul’s Infinity IRS V’s could do some justice to
these organs…would been great to experience!!

16Hz is about the lowest 32’ pipes. Large diameter pipes are the most difficult to hear (or feel through the body) and reproduce, because the fundamental sound dominates. But we can better hear other 32’ pipes, narrower ones, because there are more harmonic sounds : principals and gambas, and 32’ sounding reels (which real highth is half = 16’).

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Indeed this organ is a masterpiece…recording it was probably
very challenging…

There may be a speaker system that can reproduce the dynamics…
but don’t know of any…An FR 30 maybe?

Best wishes everyone!!

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