Playback integration

I’m a great believer in simplicity because that’s what most consumers want from a functional product. I believe the purpose of an audio system is to enjoy listening to music, although others may consider the technology the more pleasurable aspect. I’m a recent adopter of Roon, because it is highly functional and fixes the deficiency in my system manufacturer’s own control software, which is pretty poor. I’m not a great fan of proprietary control software, I tended to use uPnP before Roon.

The main part of my audio system is powered off when not in use (it powers off after 20 minutes). The PSA regenerator is always on, as is my Innuos server, as it is the Roon Core with three endpoints.

I find it quite a pleasure that from any device I can be listening to music in about 30 seconds, including powering up the audio system, which is done by Roon RAAT integration.

I didn’t get why people raved about Roon until it integrated Qobuz, when I signed up. For the same reason, I refuse to use components that need any significant time to warm up. May be some people enjoy pressing buttons, watching blue dials and finding remorse. I don’t.

Anyway, here’s my lazybones system and music selection from a cold start.

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Good for you Steven, check out my work here: For Qobuz users

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Ronald, I’ve already checked out some of your playlists!! You’ve put the hard work into making people’s life easy for chilled listening.

Having re-read my post, it was only recently I signed to Roon. I’ve been on Qobuz for about 5 years.

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