Pls help: Star cabling and outlet distribution of components?

I’m in the middle of upgrading from a Stellar P3 to a P12 (European 4-socket version) in order to meet larger power demands. I am not sure on how to „(re)wire my system“ - mind helping?

Currently, a 2x15W Triode amp and a Thorens turntable are connected to the regenerated outputs of the P3. The second system is more power-demanding: Linn gear that runs off the HC output (two Klimax 320a, two Akurate 221 subs, Klimax Pre, Uphorik Phono Pre, Lingo PSU, Klimax DS).
The entire Linn gear is connected using ONE star wiring power-cable system, which made a big impact on sound quality.

To give you an idea about the power demand (using one of these cheap watt meters, not being able to measure peaks, of course):
The tube gear draws a constant 180W - even when listening to dynamic music. The Linn gear with no music playing is around 175 W.
To determine dynamic demands of the Linn system, I once ran it off a regenerated output of the P3: it gave me a green light with low listening volumes, but the moment I listened to dynamic music a tad louder (by far no deafening volume!), LEDs on the P3 began pulsating yellow and eventually a flicker of red came in as well. Of course, I had expected that - that’s why it runs off the HC output.

My question is: when I upgrade to the P12, can/should I still use that ONE star wiring system off ONE regenerated socket or should I evenly distribute across outlets - like socket A for all LINN gear except speakers and subs, socket B for speakers and subs (or even split these up?).
And which socket would be best fit for the small tube amp system?

Thanks for your advice!

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I am sure some P12 owners will be along and chime in shortly.

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