Pls help: Star cabling and outlet distribution of components?

I’m in the middle of upgrading from a Stellar P3 to a P12 in order to meet larger power demands. I am not sure on how to „(re)wire my system“ - mind helping?

Currently, a 2x15W Triode amp and a Thorens turntable are connected to the regenerated outputs of the P3. The second system is more power-demanding: a Linn system with active speakers and two subwoofers, that runs off the HC output of the P3.
The entire Linn gear is connected using ONE star wiring power-cable system, which made a big impact on sound quality.

My question is: when I upgrade to the P12, can/should I still use that ONE star wiring system off ONE regenerated socket or should I evenly distribute the Linn system across outlets? Should I continue to use the HC socket on the P12 as well?

Thanks for your advice!

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I am sure some P12 owners will be along and chime in shortly.

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