PM not visible

I received an email saying that I have a new PM. The icon at the top of the PS forum page shows “Inbox: 1”. But I cannot see the new message. (My old PMs are still there, as they have been.) I tried earlier today from my iPad and just tried again now from my computer at home, same result both times. Any suggestions?

May be a red herring. I’ve had that for months now as well as a few others. I also got a notification but couldn’t locate the rogue PM. Hopefully it’s just a message from the Nigerian First Official Ministry of Financial Investigatorial Refundation…

It may be worth closing your browser, clearing the cache, and staring anew.

Thanks, guys. It’s probably not spam, since the topic of the PM, as shown in the email I received, is related to a forum topic I have posted in recently. Restarting the browser (firefox), and then trying a totally different browser (internet explorer), did not change anything.

BTW (probably not the source of my problem): the PSA website is like molasses today. Really, annoyingly slow. On both the browsers I tried just now as well as earlier today. I have fast FIOS and normally do not have to wait for websites.

+1 on slow website today.

Sometimes people change their mind and delete a PM (or post) before you get to read them. The site software often still show a pending PM (or post) message…