Well I have a NAS up and running. Now I am wanting to do a few other things. Wondering if they can be done and if how?

Can I watch a video/concert/movie etc that is on my NAS on my TV and have the audio come thru my DAC via the bridge?

Can I watch Youtube or whatever on my laptop and have the audio come thru my Dac via the bridge?

If I need to go USB I am wondering about what would be a good tablet that has HDMI out so I can connect to my TV and also has USB Audio out to go to DAC. I have a tablet that has both but… It is a windows tablet running windows 8.1rt and I cant seem to d/l the ps audio drivers for the dac. It recognized the Directstream DAC jr as a device but it has it listed as a non windows certified device… So it doesnt see the Dac as an audio output option.