Potential P12 purchase... couple of questions?

As above, want to re-do my mains setup powering my system and the P12 is on my radar.
Im in the UK so would need that version obviously.

Its not clear how many outputs it has?
Probably missed it somewhere, but how many units can the UK version P12 power?

Any issue powering the P12 from a balanced mains unit?
Currently, have a feed from my BMU feeding a power strip, with multiple power points for all my kit.
Intent would be to have the P12 powered by a direct feed (cable with iec connector) from the BMU.

Any issues the balanced power supply might throw up with the P12?

I know the P12 regenerates DC, my thinking is that the best quality AC feed (from the BMU) would improve things over direct from the wall?
Direct from the wall my electricity is quite dirty and the BMU improved things significantly.

Thanks for any advice on this. :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s no picture for a UK design P12 back that I can see. However it’s the same form factor as the old P5. I assume that the back will be the same. As for BMU supply to P12. Paul stated somewhere here on the forum that the regenerators should not have power conditioning feeding regenerator power input.


Its a non conditioning balanced mains unit I have, so no power conditioning.

According to the manual page 14 there are 4 https://www.psaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/DSP12-Owners-Manual-V1-Rev-A.pdf looks like there is 1 high current socket.

Great, thanks for the link.
4 sockets it is.

Have seven bits of kit…bummer.

Any ideas on the best strategy to power all 7 bits of kit from the P12?
Run 3 most critical bits of kit direct from P12 and use a 4 way mains block for the rest?

Would this cause any issues like overloading that last socket with the mains block attached, or will the P12 just pull the required current and feed that socket what it needs?


I have a P5 and I use this:

I have BHK 300’s that are on a dedicated circuit no power regenerator. I’d like a P20 at some point. My middle daughter is going into medicine. There goes an AN1 every year.

You might consider P10, which has 7 sockets. It’s available from Analogue Seduction priced at £1 less than the P12.

Any technods from PS Audio pitch in please on wether I can run balanced mains feeding the P12?

Waste of time or an advantage to do?

You can, though it’s not my first choice. Because Power Plants are not balanced running them on balanced line means you’re only regenerating one side of the line and, while this works and is better than not doing it, it (again) is not my first choice.

My 230V Europe version has 9 sockets, the US version has 10.

Good point Paul, hadn’t considered that.
Can run the important bits of kit from the P12’s 4 outlets, and all the rest from the balanced mains.

I have a 300B SET power amp, better to run from balanced mains or the P12 you think?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I would always start with the regenerated power. Balanced doesn’t buy you much and you, of course, have higher impedance without the regenerator.


Thanks Paul, good enough advice for me. :slight_smile:

After reading reviews online and studying both units I’ve decided to go for a P15.
Relatively not much more cost for (what I assume) is a lot more gain.

Don’t want to be “counting Peter to pay Paul” on this stuff, only going to do this one once might as well do it right.

A good decision, in my opinion. Not because of the sale but because I applaud the logic.