Power conditioner for PWT

Is it necessary, or it is already filtered enough?

My PWT Is powered by my P15 Power Plant. Even if you are running yours directly from the wall outlet you are better off avoiding Conditioners as they are not usually beneficial.

Thanks for your suggestion

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If you can, I would strongly suggest trying one of PS Audio’s PowerPlants. I own a P12 and it is very beneficial to the sound of my system.

Otherwise, there is no harm in trying other brands of conditioners — as long as you can return a unit if it doesn’t work well in your system. It is definitely true that some of them don’t sound as good as running the power cord directly from the wall; sometimes they make a system sound dull or constricted.

Before getting my P12, I owned a couple of other brands which were helpful in my system, although not as much as the P12 is.