Power Base and P-5 Power Plant


Hello to those with the Power Base and P-5 or P-10 Power Plants

Can you tell me what way round you have found determined is the best way to interconnect the power cables from the wall outlet. What is the best sounding ?

a/c Wall out - Power Base - Power Plant - Audio Equipment

a/c Wall out - Power Plant - Power Base - Audio Equipment

Do you consider the Power Base has made a significant contribution to improving the Audio. Is the Power base easily determined it is adding musicality in your system when plugged in and operating or not.

Appreciate comments




Interesting thread. The powercords I have are 2 x AC12, 3 x Oyade gpx-re, 2 x Kemp Elektroniks powercord +. Before I bought a powerstation I had different powercords and the benefits that they had were in other areas. At least it seemed to me they were in other areas. For example without the powerstation I realy liked the AC12 powercords, but with the powerstation the music is a bit woolly. Maybe that is because of the lenght they have.

So from the wall to the powerstation I use a 3 wire double screened Oyaide GPX-re. From the PS one Oyaide to the PWD and one to my pre-amp. A Kemp powercord + to my power amp to open up the sound a bit. The Oyaide give a very thight bass. But with only the Oyaides the sound became a bit dark.

So the Kemp is used to solve this.

I use one AC12 from the PS to my headphone amp and one to a multiplayer that is used with coax to the PWD. The Powercord + from kemp is used from the PS to my computer.


Hello wijnand

Are you considering getting a Power Base, the recent firmware release to the power plants has lead me to consider a Power Base as the firmware is nothing short of amazing and perhaps there is still improvements to be found by adding a Power Base. The Power Base has another line of defence eliminating noise on the AC line that the power Plants do not remove common and differential mode noise





No I wish I had room for one, but it’s not going to fit my rack.

The first comment was written very early in the morning and I was in a hurry, so I see I misread the question. Still it’s a very interesting question.

Good luck with better answers! :slight_smile:


I can’t speak to the electrical side of the question as I do not have a power conditioner, yet. I found that the PowerBase exceeded my expectations for improvement in my sound due to the physical isolation. Big difference, probably due to my shakey floor. I do prefer having it in the AC circuit though. I have Nordost products from the wall to the PB but found that an AC 12 sounded better from the PB to the PWD at my house.