Power cord placement

Hi there, I’m new to this forum, so do excuse me if this question has been asked before - I’ve searched but haven’t found anything that answers my question. So, I have a new p3 regenerator - should my expensive power cord be placed between the regenerator and the wall socket outlet, or between the regenerator and the other equipment (amp, DAC, preamp, etc), in which case would I need multiple power cords for the setup? And, if cost is of issue, and I only have one high quality power cord, would that be best placed from the wall outlet to the regenerator, with the regular cords supplied with the equipment hooked up to the regenerator? Thanks much in advance! - kevin

Welcome, Kevin!

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Your best cable should go from wall socket to regenerator.


Thanks so much for your immediate feedback elk and ron! : )

That almost seems backwards. I would expect that since you are regenerating the power, the cord from wall to PP should be the least important, and power from regen to component should have the best cables.

It does seem counter-intuitive, but think of the regen as an amplifier, which is essentially what it is.
Your power amp typically needs the most help to deal with dynamics and so does the regen.
Once it’s powered with the best cable you have, then everything plugged into it, benefits; I think—maybe.


Agreed. I told people for years that the last cable to upgrade was the one between the wall and the regen. It makes sense if the power coming out of the regen is “perfect” right? It wasn’t until a fellow forum user reached out and said “Jamesh, I did some testing and politely disagree with your recommendation. I did some testing it was a clear winner putting my best cable between the wall and the P10.” It’s nice to be proven wrong sometimes (don’t tell my GF) because you can occasionally learn from it. Sure enough, a couple of the fellas and I messed with Paul’s system at the shop and it was clear the system sounded the best when the best cables were used on the PowerPlants.

Good to know. Will definitely look at some better power cables for the run from the wall to the P20. I run Pangea power cables from the P20 to everything, but since installing a dedicated 20 amp circuit for the P20, I only had a run of the mill $25 20a power cord. Looks like I need to do a little shopping.

Cheers guys.

I use a good cable to my P15 but my two best cables goes to my main power-amps from my P15, my next best cable goes to my (power hungry) pre-amp and my third best cable goes to my best Blu-ray player, I have 2.
I use the same sort of cable to my 7-channel power-amp, for the surround sound & the center speaker, that my P15 uses from the wall.

My thought is that: “The more power something uses the better cable it should have” …except for my P15 that “just have to doo” with a great (and thick) cable.

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I use my “best” AC cables (Audience Au24 SX) to feed my two P20s from the wall duplex, as they are demonstrably superior-sounding to lesser AC cables such as the Shunyata Sigma NR which I’ve relegated to the task of RF filtering and AC delivery to my two class-D amp-powered active loudspeakers, the Von Schweikert VR-55 Aktives

When i did some listening tests with my brother, we were both surprised that the cable from the wall to the P3 made more of a difference than from the P3 to components.

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