Power Cords - DAC vs All Components

I bet it’s not so much the raw AWG but the differences in noise reducing geometries/techniques and/or impedence causing the differences.

I know the Byrston is a hungry beast but 12AWG is able to deliver plenty of current to keep it satisfied

All of my cables, signal and power have been worthwhile investments in my system; it just isn’t debatable.
But of all the components, the least willing to budge with a power cable upgrade has been my Pass amp. I certainly noticed an improvement in bass quality when I added a Shunyata Alpha, but it wasn’t a night/day improvement like it was with my DAC, for ex.
Recently, I switched the 6ga going to my P20 with the 8ga going to the amp. And the sound just seemed to light up. There’s a distinct layer of reverb where there wasn’t before; a sense of liveliness and speed with the 6ga on the amp. I’m really loving the change as are others in the house.
It seems to me that this must be a case of diminishing returns (P20) versus brute force (amp). I’d love to understand why this is. I’m going to ask Pass tomorrow.

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@RonP - if you go on Shunyata Research’s website they explain how they test their power cables and dynamic testing shows differences in cables. A step function in current and how the cable treats the energy transfer. It might be a great conversation to talk to Richard Rogers from Shunyata Research about what you are witnessing and ask the pertinent questions you are going to ask PASS.

DTCD Testing

Geometry Comparison: The DTCD® Analyzer is the only device that measurably demonstrates the difference between cable geometries. The VENOM-3 and Black Mamba CX are both 12-gauge power cables. The VENOM-3 cable uses a simple 3-wire twisted geometry while the Black Mamba CX uses 140 conductors in a complex Helix geometry. Notice the Black Mamba’s dramatic improvement in current response! Then, consider that this difference in current response is repeated 120 times per second in a typical A/V power supply.

Good idea. I’ll ask.

Thanks for the insight and observations RonP.
I thought I had decided on the Anticable ref 3 for my BHK pre…but listening to dark side of the moon yesterday I changed my mind.
I went back to the stock cord and found the mid range to be “clearer”. Simply put I could follow the Lyrics more keenly whereas with the ac it would be harder.
What cord are using for the BHK pre ?

Power cables have a “sound”.
My favorites–and all I use are Shunyata. There’s an Alpha NR on everything except my amp (see above).
And I use a 12ga Venom NR on my DMP, since gauge doesn’t seem to have an influence on digital, but the noise reduction (NR) does.

My bad - thank you.

Well, I’ve had the 5 cables for 48 hours or so. 24 hours in series running my entire system (feeding P10) and now a few hours feeding DS and server. Nice improvement. Today I placed the remaining on my optical switch and M700 monos. These are a steal for digital components/low current demands.

Of course I’ll need some weeks for the effects to be fully realized in my brain but early on I must say it’s removed something I didn’t really know was there in the signal. It’s easier, cleaner, refined.

Emc eupen was great to purchase from, they are the manufacturer so when one calls the admin assistant to the head person answers and she was a pleasure to work with, easy.

After an hour, a quick swap back to the Zu Audio Event mk1 cables on the M700 are preferred - jury still out on the switch. It’s a managed Cisco 2960G from many network generation ago at my office and it’s got a decent power supply, if there is any effect, it’s superficial

No intention of swapping back on the DS nor my music server

Strong recommendation for little $. After a few weeks I’ll decide to keep all 5 or let you guys have them for my cost $32

Thanks Brett, I’ll call them tomorrow. I’m going to return the Anticable which I thought I liked for the BHK pre…will let you know how the bHK sounds once I get em.


If you can hold on for a few days or a couple weeks, I’ll likely have a couple to go and save you buying the minimum 5

I’ll try on the amps again at night when the world is quiet to confirm the hash, grain I experienced

I can certainly hold on mate. There are 2 other power cords i am meaning to try:

  1. Triode wire labs
  2. Luminous Audio

At the moment I am running the stock cord and am returning the Anticables. Give us a shout when you are ready.

I really appreciate the help. There is so much I have learned in the last month about enjoying ones music. The biggest thing I have learned is what music system one enjoys is so much a matter of pure chance. One person can enjoy a $100,000 system whilst the other can have a perfectly decent system for their ears at maybe 1/3rd the price.
The above analogy is certainly true for power cords even more.

The other thing I have learned are about dealers - they are a unique breed! But thats a conversation for another day.

Talk soon.

Analysis Plus: Ultimate Power Oval…
publishes the Actual science of their AC cords…

even NASA agrees…

you get what you paid for, sans the B.S.

I’ve found places for all 5 cables. I didn’t like them feeding my amps but every other digital component was cleaned up ever so slightly. In order, DAC, network switch connected to music server, then music server and finally main switch with cable modem, wireless, etc. One left but I plan to keep it and I’m sure will find a home for it in the future.

Interesting survey of several cables. Worth taking a look at for those of us already down the rabbit hole. Unfortunately, PSA’s AC-12 is missing, but aren’t they due for an update anyway?

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