Power Cords - DAC vs All Components

This hobby as it turns out - gets wild and out of control pretty quick. I suppose one draws the line when the bank breaks :slight_smile:
Im hoping I can avoid that and needed some nuggets of wisdom here.
I have settled on my speaker cables and IC’s - Purist Audio Musaeus.

Now for the power cord - I got a cord for Anticables Ref 3. Pretty decent. I found that feeding the DAC makes the biggest diff. The BHK Pre on this cord sounds too “bassy” and the Bryston 4B3 doesnt quite react (yet).

I am auditioning 3 other cables - Sinergistic Research Atmosphere L1/ UEFA Blue and Shunyata Deltas.
My question is should I proceed to upgrade all 3 of my components with new power cords - DAC/ Pre/Amp or will i get the most bang for buck by upgrading any one of the above components - to my ear thats the DAC ?

And many other folks would agree - me included.


@JeffofArabica - me too… DSD sounds amazing w/ SR Alpha NR…

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I’ve always liked the Shunyata cords. Do everything at once if your budget allows.

@watchdog507 - yeah, I took a ton of heat for this set up; however, my wife is listening to Celine right now in my music room with a huge smile on her voice saying spend the money… another satisfied customer… man does this system sound great paying attention to power…


I find that the Pangea AC9 SE MK11 pretty musical power cords. They’re a little thick and heavy though.

The new Shunyata Venom NR 10 and 12 gauge cords are getting great reviews and they are reasonably enough priced that you can buy one for each component. They also have the new Digital cord.


Another firm yes on the DAC.
I have all Shunyata. In fact, when I replaced an AC12 with a Sigma NR going to the P20, the improvement was startling. I auditioned the Sigma because of the price but after a couple days, I gladly paid the bill.

Check out the frequency attenuation of this ‘industrial’ non-audio cable.


They are very pricey though at $32/each in qty of 5 shipped :wink:


A poor man’s Shunyata… sweet! Now I have more money to spend on Chakra crystals :wink:


yep waiting for chakraonline dot com :slight_smile:

Yes, the Eupen ‘Audio Line’ are great! The longer they are, the better the effect is supposed to be… TMR in Berlin also sell similar ones, but a bit more expensive (NK-2). Those I have since the early 1990s. No need to upgrade ever. Except for their NK-6 for my amp. Same design concept, but heavier (10AWG)… and far more expensive.

UPDATE: after having another look at your link, I believe that is not the ‘Audio Line’ cable I meant… but basically the same concept…

Here is a link to the one I was referring to:


And the link to TMR:


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Just heard 2 power cords:

  1. Sinergistic Research - Atmosphere Level 1
  2. Shunyata Delta NR

Did not like the sound of the Shunyatas. Blown away by the Atmosphere Level 1 - WHOA!!!

Have you found the chakra crystals make a difference? :wink:

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ya gotta leave them in the sun

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Indeed - I need to leave them in my system for a good 8 hrs before the sounds truly manifest :slight_smile:

I warm my shakra stones for 10 minutes with my hairdryer before use it aligns the crystals back to their correct vibration and emf absorption qualities

Come on guys… this is serious stuff here. I mean, I am putting myself out there and really expressing my inner Zen and I feel like your negative energy is really creating an environment that is toxic and out of phase with the aural benefits this unmeasurable phenomenon brings to our listening experience.


And who says sarcasm doesn’t translate through with the written word…

This is both rhetorical and sarcastic

On a serious note, I have a far infrared full back ‘heater’ that uses jade and tourmaline as the conduit for the FIR radiation. It really works to get deep into the tissues and relax and promote blood flood for speedy healing.

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A world without sarcasm - imagine what that would be.
On a more serious note, wierd but heres what my ears are telling me:

  1. The DS seems to respond the most to quality cables.
  2. ON the other hand my Bryston 4b3 seems to be happier with a cheaper 12AWG wire vs a 8AWG wire. Infact i tested this with 2 power cords, one anticable ref 3 and the other is a Synergistic Research Level 1 cord. In both cases, i measured an increase in decibel levels but with a more bloaty bass. Putting a 12 AWG cord - Synergistic Research Blue makes the bass tighter more musical. There is a slight decrease in “loudness”.
  3. The DS on the other hand - for my ears responds better to beefier cords.

Based on amplification, I would have thought exactly the opposite. I guess my ears have their polarities screwed up!!