Power cord to P20 shootout

So far, I have tried:
Signal Projects, which was quickly discarded
Wireworld Platinum: sounds amazing, currently the winner
Audioquest Dragon HC and Firebird HC: slightly inferior to the Wireworld, and much more expensive, so out
Shunyata Sigma NR V2: not impressed so far, but I will give it more time to break in

@Phil, I’d love to hear more about the Sigma V2 compared to the Platinum. The Shunyata seems otherwise to be a universal favorite.

The Shunyata sounds much better now than yesterday. I will give it a couple of days before comparing to the Platinum.

Well I tried my reference tracks, with the Shunyata in the system for over 50 hours.
And it’s a demo cable with some good mileage already.

The Platinum is still clearly ahead : more and better bass, better dynamics, more Prat.
I will try again tomorrow and Later, but so far, in my system, YMMV etc, the Platinum is the clear winner, and at a slightly lower price.

My system : Nucleus + , Lumin U1, Matrix (with Farad), DSD, Plinius Tautoro, 2 Plinius SA 103 monoblocks, B&W 800D2s.

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I wouldn’t spend the money but I tried a friend’s Audience AU 24SX HP and it was amazing. But I think he paid around $5K for 6 ft.


The one that beat my Platinum Electra 7 is the SR Galileo UEF power cord. Richer more resolution and more atmosphere. Downside, the cost. Get it used for much cheaper. Another nice cable is the Cardas Clear Beyond XL. Also beat my WW powering my preamp. Richer more present sounding.


Thanks Clifton, but not available from my dealer.
So it will be ww or shunyata.
Right now, the ww is wiping the floor with the more expensive shunyata.
But I will try again tomorrow, because the shunyata has made a quantum leap in performance between yesterday and today.
So who knows how it will stack up tomorrow ?

In my system, YMMV etc.

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Shunyata advertise some super dooper manufacturing process which is supposed to eliminate the need for burn-in. But I’ve found that they improve with burn-in time as much as anything.


The WW Platinum is a giant and (AQ) dragon killer :joy:

The WW Platinum is as good as they come. I’ve heard nothing but good things on the AQ cables. And same with the Shunyata’s. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these excellent cables. I will be a matter of taste since they all have their own signature.


Are you talking about a Wireworld Platinum Electra? or??? It’s only $1740 for a 1m 20 amp. Shucks.

Audience AU 24SX HP is only $4500. The Front Row is $5500. I’d probably do that.

I am sad that I am not horrified at the thought of spending $5500 on a power cable. I need help.

But then I already have 6 Stealth Audio Dream V18 UNI power cables so I might be good. I’ll have to try the 20 amp one that I’ve had for 6 weeks into the P20. It should be good. I’ll toss all these V1 Sigmas in the trash.

Okay, on the P20 supply the Sigma is out and the Stealth is in. I need to listen I guess. Hmmmm.

Yow! It sounds pretty darn good. I am listening to my Jay’s Audio Transport as I put the Inakustik USB cable in the streamer tonight and that makes for too many variables. My favorite bongo music is pretty stunning at the moment. I should get my own bongos and leave all this to you to deal with.


Yes, wireworld platinum Electra 7 power cable.
Beats the shunyata sigma nr v2 in my system, much better in bass and dynamics.

Soon I will get a trial shunyata sigma xc v2.

And shunyata usb sigma and omega trials for the matrix.


The Electra is a bargain then. A runaway bargain.

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Here is one mans thoughts about WW power cords Jay's Worst Of The Worst ! - YouTube skip to 19minutes.

I don´t know where he used it,but not P20. Well as always it may be the best for someone´s system and not so good in anothers.


He has Wilson Alexx speakers and a Gryphon Mephisto front and centered. I love him.

Oh he hates the Wireworld Platinum. Yikes.

Damn, there goes 200 hours. I need to watch this guy.

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Never heard of him.

It is a Stereophile and Absolute Sound recommended component, but like you said, it’s system dependent.

@waymanchen11 liked is as well.

I am curious about the sigma xc v2, which is the one shunyata recommends for power conditioners / regenerators, instead of the nr.
So maybe I was comparing to the wrong shunyata.
To be continued.

Wireworld recommends a minimum of 2m, which is 3 000 eur here, so it not that cheap.
The shunyata sigma xc v2 is in the same ballpark, at 3 450 eur.

But yes, much cheaper than the Audioquest Dragon hc, for example, and better sounding than the Dragon, to my ears in my system.

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I am happy to help by encouraging you to go for it!

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You have taken the all important first step along the road to recovery.



I was quite happy with the Sigma V1 into the P20. I am now going to audition an Alpha V2 NR (XC not available) and a new $5k cable from Bella Sound that CC likes. Madness.

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