Power Experiment #2


It never quits with me, and I am thankful for it. ‘What if’ is one of the best thoughts that I can have. Of course, it has to start somewhere, so it began- ‘what if I used a P500 instead of a P300?’ The reasoning for this was the fact that I was using the P300 AND a Brickwall filter in series. That way, the Brick Wall filter could be fed with a 2 meter cord. Then the P300 could be fed off of that. This leaves an unused outlet on the Brick Wall for my large sub amp. Everybody gets filtered and everybody wins. Cool…Then I spy a P500 which already has an ultimate outlet in it. That gives the opportunity to get rid of the Brick wall filter, and just use the Ultimate outlet. ‘What if, I use one cord to feed the P500(sub fed off of that ), and a different one to feed a BPT power conditioner?’ Stick with me, it all isn’t just for the sake of switching. Each time a difference was heard. What I am hearing now is the sound that I had in some other combination that was much more complicated. The upside is that most recent idea not only sounds as I want it, it has given me the opportunity get rid of a power strip and just use the extra outlets in the BPT conditioner. Hmmmm, I will try to leave it that way as long as my mind will allow.