Power output of GCHA headphone amplifier

How much power does the GCHA output to a 60 ohm headphone? I am trying to find out if it is optimal for my Audeze LCD-2, which is 60 ohm with a sensitivity of 90 dB/1 mW. Audeze’s website suggests "Optimal power requirement: 1-4 W."

I am currently using the GCHA/LCD-2 combo and sounds great. Just wondering if the GCHA has sufficient power, or if I could get more from the LCD-2 if I upgrade to a more powerful headphone amp.

It easily does what you need but I do not remember the exact number. Let me check.

The GCHA is silly powerful and capable of 10W output. Any ortho, including the Audeze LCDs, is a trivial load for this unit.

10 watt output?! Whoa… I had no idea. But it does have that huge power transformer inside.

Now… if only PS Audio would update the GCHA with a modern USB DAC :slight_smile:

Yes, a truly huge transformer. It is probably nearly almost all of the weight of the unit.