P10 Power Plant Voltage regulation


I’ve got my PS P10 almost a week now and since it’s powered on it shows output voltage of 120.4-5 V … it never goes to 120 even though I’ve set it on 120V and THD is never below 0.4 and that is even when THD in is ~3… Maximum load is not more than 15%…

Is this normal or there is some problem with my unit?



No, it’s just being anal in its measurements. It is showing less than half a volt higher than 120. We struggled with the idea of removing the decimals so people would only see 120 - but decided (for some reason) that accuracy to the tenth of a volt was important. 105_gif It is not important, and there’s nothing wrong with your unit.

I tought so but wanted to be sure.embarassed Thank you Paul for clarifying me that.

BTW, this is a great component and it is a must in every HiFi audio system. In my case it took over 80 hours of burning in for a real results in soundstage, 3D image, bass slam and its sharpness and focus.

Thank you PS Audio!


Hi Marko,

I have experienced similar numbers on my P10. Have had mine over a year and it is a brilliant piece of audio equipment. Remember the readings also depend to some degree on the power you are receiving from your outlets as well, (Electrical company). What type of outlets do you have? I picked up a pair of PS Audio Classics and are pleased with them. For the last few months my THD output has been a steady 0.1. When I first connected the P10 to audio components I was receiving THD output readings of 0.2 to 0.4. As I leaned out the system of components, and some interconnects, (integrated receiver) replaced with a dedicated Preamplifier with separate Power Supply for Preamp, passive/active and removed an extra CD player and used balanced connections I found the numbers on the P10 stabilized. Do not know if this has helped, but numbers did seem to change on P10 as I was tweaking. At present the music I am hearing through all sources is sounding Fabulous, be it Vinyl, CD or AIFF files.



Hi Paul,

I live in a rented apartment with a home depo type of wall outlets and for adding any other high quality outlet changing hole in the wall needs to be done… 12AWG inwall wiring is also a problem, i know… But you are definitely right about it. Those are the things I can’t tweek, unfortunately… My audio system consist of integrated amp, DAC and music server and differences in sound before and after PS P10 are more than just noticeable. A brilliant piece of all the equipment, indeed.



Thanks Marko! 77_gifrespect-047_gifdancing-009_gif