Power Plant 12 Relative Location

I recently purchased a Power Plant 12. I am curious how close it can be placed near other audio components such as a turntable, tube amp, etc. Does it emit any EMI that may be picked up by the turntable cartridge or tubes?

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P12: Most believe you should have it on its own shelf.

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Yes, it would be on its own shelf, but the top of the PP12 would be about 3" from the bottom of the turntable with the wood shelf in between. There would be about 1" of space above the PP12 for airflow. The edge of the PP12 would maybe be about 6” from the tube amp horizontally. Would that be sufficient?

how warm is top of wood shelf on which is the turntable?

if barely warm or not at all, no problem



Thank You, I will try the setup when I get home this weekend and see how it works out.