How to choose the right power plant

Hi, I’ve always loved music and Im about to go down the audiophile rabbit hole. What put me over the top was the videos by Paul that answered so many questions that seemed confusing wherever else I looked.

Im in the process of purchasing the following as an upgrade to my current setup.

Airlens, Direct Stream Dac Mk II, BHK preamp and BHK 250 amp with some FR20 speakers.

When I asked about a power plant they said they didn’t plug power amps in to a regenerator which seems to contradict a lot of what I read and hear in these videos.

This is a big budget (for me) upgrade and I would rather buy once correctly then keep coming back at it. Im leaning toward the PS Audio equipment having good synergy with each other so while there may be better components I won’t go to far wrong with a PS Audio end to end setup. Feedback would be very welcome.

My question is this. What power plant size would be required to accomdate the above equipment?

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I read this as refrigerator and it took on a whole different tone.

they didn’t plug power amps in to a regenerator

Congrats on your BHK, I hope to trade upgrade from my 20 year old PSA gear at some point and personally would be adding a regenerator.

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I bet it would, I had to edit the post because in my haste auto correct kept changing Airlens to Airline and I went back and read if same happened to regenerator.

My situation isn’t exactly the same as yours, but similar, and my answer is to wait and see. There are 2 reasons: (1) The whole thing around regenerators is that it can make a big difference if your electricity supply is bad, and not a lot of difference if your supply is okay, and the only person that can answer that is you. (2) You are making a significant investment in equipment that is superior to what you currently have, I’m assuming. And therefore, I would listen and enjoy the significant benefits of your new system, because it will be big, before adding the regenerator, then you can properly gauge the additional benefit, if any, that you may get from a PowerPlant. And finally, a P15 would be more than enough to support your equipment line-up. So enjoy first, decide later:)

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I forgot to add that I live in an apartment and currently using (no pun intended) two Furman 8 Outlet Power Conditioners in my system because I was on a budget. They are better than plain old power strips, but really just empty boxes with a strip at the back with a small cap and $5 worth of MOV surge protectors. So anything I add would be an improvement.

100% agree with above. Especially if you are making that many changes.

I have had a few higher end amps and the mfg recommendedation is dont use any regen or conditioner. Go straight into the wall. I do have a decent 20a circuit so thats what i do.

Then whats left is streamer, pre. Hardly any draw at all so you can save a lot of money even if you add a DAC in that chain.

PS makes amps and conditioners so they probably recommend both. But in my system, direct in the wall works best.

For source etc, i do use a Audience Adept Response conditioner

I have this exact system (plus a turntable and phono pre) and power it all (except turntable and phono pre) through a P10 (precursor to the P15). I highly recommend a PS Audio regenerator for the whole system, but unless your power is poor, I would not say it is mandatory. Size wise, I would recommend a P15 minimum, a P20 would be best but it is more money, more weight, and just plain bigger. One other thing, not sure who is saying no amplifiers into regenerators but the PS Audio regenerators are more than capable of improving on the wall power for a BHK 250 or many other amplifiers. Not saying in all cases, but much more likely compared to any power conditioner. The only caveat to that is several folks here like the Puritan conditioners. I’ve no experience with them.

Thx for the input. You answered what I was looking for. Are you happy with the Complete PS Audio system?

Im coming from a Moon Ace all in one, some older Dyn Audio speakers with a recently acquired Eversolo DMP-8 Streamer/DAC so Im expecting a significant change.

Absolutely! To preempt the naysayers, I’m not saying it’s the best period, but it works wonderfully for me.

I’ll say this: I had a P300, a PPP, a P5, a P10 and a P15 (still have and use the last two).

I’m now living out in the boonies with really good power, less than 2% distortion and pretty steady voltage. But each time I went UP in regenerator size there was a certain and significant improvement in sound. And with the P15 I am using less than 20% of available load. I’d say to be honest get the largest one you can. Will be future-proof that way as well.

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I have an all PSA system (except for the speakers). I own a P12 and for a long time pluged all my equipment into it. Recently someone suggested that I should plug the BHK 250 directly into the wall. I get a noticeably more vivid, stronger presentation doing this. Before I bought the P12, I did some calculations and it should have more than enough power to take care of my system. So I’m not sure what’s going on here, but what I hear is quite obvious and is confirmed by audiophile friends.

It’s possible that the larger regenerators would behave differently, but I can’t say.

I power my whole system with a P 15 it consists of the BHK preamp, BHK 250, DS mk2, PST, PWT, SPP, NPC as A to D, VPI SDS, VPI HW 19 MK2 Turntable, W4S ISO Recovery with the Recovery DC. I do not stream so no Air Stream. Everything works off the P 15 and I use on 30% of the capability.

No need to decide, buy a used P20… no-brainer on this one:

No need to spend that amount of money the P 15 would handle his whole system including the power amp with plenty to spare. Besides the P 20 is just so darn heavy! Why would that guy sell it so cheap?