Power Plant 3 for high power amp?

I’d like to add a power management device to my system. The PS Audio power plant 3 is one possibility but PS Audio tells me it won’t handle my power amp (Audio Research VT130SE) in the power regeneration mode. It would handle my other equipment and I could plug my amp into the filtered but not regenerated outlet. I really don’t want to spend the price for the power plant 12. Otherwise, I could look at the PS Audio Dectet when it becomes available or consider at other brands like the new Audioquest Niagara 1200. Neither of those provides power regeneration. I’d appreciate any advice.

Dectet has been available for years. If you’re going to plug the amp into a Dectet you might as well plug it into the HC of the 3.

I run all of my sources and a very large headphone amp through my P5 and it works brilliantly. My BHK 300’s directly out of the wall on a separate circuit. Both are dedicated. My rule of thumb: if the transformer on your regenerator is smaller than your power amp, take a pass. Wishful thinking won’t give you enough headroom to work well.

Question I should have included: do I lose much by plugging my power amp into the non regenerating outlets on the P3 and plugging the other components into the regenerating ones.? Put another way, does this setup make sense or is it penny wise and pound foolish to go with the P3, considering that it won’t work work in regeneration mode with my power amp, although it will work with other equipment?


only 1 way to know for sure! :wink:

I’m also considering the P3, but I’m in the same boat as you. It will handle my source components but not my BHK 250. Another option I’ve considered is Core Technologies Equi=Core 1800 which will handle everything.


Consider a used P10 ? for a BHK250 as they are really thirsty for power. I find it makes a big difference to mid and low bass.
I have a P5 on the m700 stellar Solid state amps and 5 other sources. That it handles no problem. And also is beneficial to mid and low bass.
Also amazing protection on power surge and outages.
I was halfway through a movie last night with the sound well past midway…big power surge and outage… everything protected and survived another hit.

I’d say VT130SE would prob run fine once up, but P3 may not be able to handle power up currents. Or shorten the life of P3.


Nice amp…