Best use of available outlets of my new P3

I have a turntable, phono stage, cd player, stellar s300, stellar gain cell, 2 sumiko subs, and a computer running roon core for a total of 8 cords needing power. Short of buying a bigger power plant with more outlets, what is the best use of the 6 outlets I have available on the P3? Right now, I’m leaning toward having the 2 subs find their power outside the P3.


To me, sounds like a proper and good setup with your current components! Should be able to use all “6” outlets in the “Regen” mode! :+1:


I figure the kind of sonic improvements gained through a regenerator are likely lost on the typical sub. Others may disagree.

My own situation is similar, though maybe a little more extreme, and it works fine for me:

  1. Turntable motor and subwoofer fed from a PSA Ultimate Outlet plugged into the wall.
  2. Phono preamp, 2 M700s, SGCD, streamer and a PSA Juice Bar plugged into the P3 (all in regen mode).
  3. Digital disc players, powered only one at a time, plugged into the Juice Bar (CD transport, SACD player, Minidisc deck, CD burner).

Everything has been working great. I’ve never once come close to overloading the P3 - no change of any kind in the color of its LED.