Power Plant 600 all but DOA?

Just recently realized my older Power Plant 600 is all but DOA. Its still working but can only output 104 volts at the standard 117 output setting, and 110± a volt at 120 volt output setting. Repairs are $600 + shipping both ways and thats if its a standard repair, from tech support it could be more… I think. Problem is the unit is only worth about this much give or take a $100. I’ve seen one or two up for sale at around $600-$700 max.

So the question is, should I belly up to the bar and pay for repairs, or should I invest in a newer one, like the PP 3. I only use mine for source gear so the AC requirements are minimum. Are the newer ones really that much better in performance and features to warrant a more substantial investment?

One last thing to consider. I’m in the process of building a tube phono stage that for what ever reason was designed to be run on 120 V + AC, and if it doesn’t get that much current it doesn’t perform correctly. Had I known this before I wouldn’t have started the project. How many people in the US can actually claim a true 120 volts AC in their house? My guess is less than 10%. We do have it here, but unfortunately my old PP will not reproduce it.

Thanks for considering the question. Look forward to any sage advice on the subject.


I traded my PP600 in ages ago. Probably on a PP Premier. I had to get it repaired multiple times. If you get yours repaired PSA will do a great job of reconditioning it (and I believe the repairs will come with some sort of warranty) but it will still be old and prone to fail again at some point. I’d go with a new PP3. The performance should be noticeably better but for me reliability would be the main driver. Just my two cents.

Thanks Stevem2 for that info. Oddly I’ve never had a problem with my PP600 until recently. You’re suggestions are what I was intuitively thinking too. Now the big question is what to do the existing unit if I decide to abandon it for one of the new ones. We need rest homes for audio gear senior citizens.

If you work directly through PS Audio we give generous trade in allowances for older products, even those not working.

Thanks for that info Paul. This is on my short list of things to do today, call PSA directly to see whats possible. Very encouraging!!

I just wanted to add the following.

I took the offer to upgrade via a trade in with my old PP 600 for a P5 power plant. Thanks Paul for the offer and suggestion. And man was I treated well. Generous trade in would be an understatement.

Thanks again, just got notice it is shipping out today. Looking forward to the new one.

Excellent! Let us know what you think of the P5.