PS Audio Power Plant Premier stopped working

My PS Audio Power Plant Premier stopped working
I tried reset nothing works The logo lights up but no power comes out

AFAIK PSA does not support the PPP any more. However, I’m sure they’ll do you a good deal on a new power plant, or maybe even a refurb P5 or P10.
IMHO the jump in improvement PPP to P5/P10 is appreciably greater than the improvement P5/P10 to latest generation so if PSA offered such a deal I’d seriously consider it …

Actually…going from a P5 to a P12 was huge given the following :

The P12 is all new, based on the P5, but rebuilt from the ground up. It features an ultra-low impedance analog power amplifier, pure DSD FPGA based sine wave generator, and the lowest distortion available in a Power Plant.

When I upgraded from P5 to P12 I thought it was a sidewise change…I was in for a huge
surprise at how much better the the new P12 is over the P5… hands down…

Going from P12 to P15 was even a bigger improvement in sound quality. Where the P12
shined…the P15 turned out to be in another league above…

Your PPP maybe repairable…contact the folks here at PS Audio to see if it is still
something they can service…

Might be best to invest in a newer more up to date power plant …going from a
PPP to a P10 will be a very significant improvement in performance for your

Happy trails

wow there is no way I could afford 5000 for a P-12 !! was hoping to get my PPP repaired for 500 ??
Plus I need 10 outlets. Looks like I’m screwed

No, you are not,
PS often has special sales with great discounts …which made all my power plants
affordable…plus there is a PS market place where these are sold used at very
reasonable prices and at times with warranty.

Don’t give up…give PS a call and inquire if your ppp can still be serviced…
Give this a go…

Please call Jake F. from PSaudio. He would be able to provide you a better way to assist your PPP issued.


Yes, give us a buzz. We are able to offer a really killer deal if you trade that Premier in for something like a P12 or 15. As others have mentioned, the improvement alone makes the upgrade worth it.

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As my own experience, moving from PPP to P15. I am not only replacing my old PPP (still working well) but also saving me money from upgrading new audio equipment and accessories in order to have better sounds. It depends on your budget and budget arrangement, however, it’s well worth to upgrade to new PS power plant. From PPP to P15, never look back.

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been trying the 800 number for an hour just busy signal
you guys open ?

When my power plant Premier died almost a year ago I reached out to PS audio and they stated that they could repair it for a reasonable fee seems like it was less than a $1000. Definitely reach out to them and talk with customer service. They are some of the best in the business. I decided to trade my PPP in on the new P12, and I am extremely pleased.

Good luck!

Good luck!

I do apologize, we’re having some technical difficulties with our phone system at the moment, but hope to have it fixed soon. If you’re able to connect with one of us, it will likely drop in a minute. Feel free to shoot me an email and I can respond pretty quickly.

like I told you ? on the phone it just stopped working
no power output but the logo lights up
Can It be fixed ?
also how much better is the p-3 ?
the problem is the p3 only has 3 sets of outlets
and I need 5 like in the PPP
and no why can I afford the p12

You may have connected with one of my colleagues because you and I have not spoken on the phone today.

It can still be repaired but as I mentioned earlier, I’d recommend against it as the lifetime isn’t guaranteed to be very long.

The quality of power coming out of the P3 is far superior to that of the Premier. However, needing 10 outlets does make that a tough choice.

can you add another outlet to the p3 the space is there !

if I conected a powerstrip to one of the outlets would that affect the sound ?
could to take in my ppp as a trade even though it’s not working ?

No, I don’t think adding another outlet to the P3 is a viable option. Re-machining the chassis would look awful.

Though it’s not recommended, depending on the situation and the gear you’re wanting to plug in with an extra strip, it could be done. For example, if you’re wanting to also plug in a pair subs, I’d recommend going into the wall for those guys.

Yes, we’ll happily take in a broken PPP as trade. Actually, we’ll take in any legacy PS Audio gear as trade if it’s not working.

ok I want to send in my ppp for a trade
But I don’t have the box ! Can you send me a box ?

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I was actually not referring to the sound quality alone. As ground breaking as the PPP was at the time, it did not like voltage swings. It would bomb out (click into protection mode), in fact, before the equipment it powered would’ve without. P5 / P10 fixed this. My apology if I was not clear.

I have a P20 at the moment … very happy & I wouldn’t want to be without!


It’s all good…

Thank you,Tuan! :slight_smile: