My PSAudio Powerplant premier stopped working

I’ve sent several emails to PSAudio support but no one every answers me back. Can I get it repaired?

Welcome, tarichar!

My understanding is unfortunately PS Audio does not have parts to fix this unit any more given its age. They will however help you by accepting it as a trade-in if you would like.

@jamesh of PS Audio is often on the forum and hopefully will see your post. He can provide further help.

I bought a non-functional PPP 2 years ago, PSA rebuilt it for $500 and it
was my first power regenerator component. The improvement was
tremendous and enjoyed it every day. I understand that I got as much
out of it as possible. If it suddenly fails on me, I would immediately get
a current model. Don’t think I can live without one now.

I suggest giving PSA a call on Monday. Who knows, maybe they can extend
the lifespan a little longer. Good luck.


Thank you, @silo

I hope this means I am wrong and PS Audio still has sufficient parts to fix a PPP.

We are still able to repair PPPs if they are a 120V US model. This repair has gotten extremely expensive and it usually makes more economical sense to trade-up to a modern PowerPlant. Reach out to our distributor Audio Tuning in Austria. They are really pleasant to work with! Andreas is our contact out there and you can get in touch with him directly at


Hi Jamesh,
I am actually located in the US. My VPN was set on Austria when I posted.


Understood. Sorry for the assumption on my end. You can certainly shoot our service guys an email and discuss options for getting that guy repaired. Because of it’s age though, I would highly recommend trading it in and upgrading to one of the current regens. Shoot me an email and we can discuss pricing on any of our current models if you trade it in.

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