Power Plant for the pure class A amplifier?


I own a pair of the Pass Labs XA200 class A monoblocks.
Is that reasonable to purchase power regenerator for them considering that those monoblock draw constant current regardless to input signal? Is there will be noticeable improvement?


Hi @zver_mephi
Two units of Pass Labs XA200 would draw 1520 watts (760 x 2). I would consider P20 for these, and that would allow for source components too. Will there be a serious sonic improvement? So far, almost all people who bought a power plant say their sound quality improved and the improvement was not subtle at all, me included.

I’d say yes! I own the XA100 class A blocks, and run them along with the BHK pre and DSD on just above 500W continously on my P15.

Sonic effect was beyond my expectation when I first connected everything, but it will of course depend on that you run your other stuff as well from the Power plant. To just use a P15/P20 just for the monoblocks might not be something that would pay off that much sonically.

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With the XA200s I’d definitely want to give them ample headroom. The P20 will be able to do this for them. Regardless of amp architecture, the SQ improvements plugging them into a regenerator can be absolutely huge!


Absolutely yes !!! zver_mephi Go for it …you will not regret getting the P20!!


I using a P20 with my Gryphon and it makes a difference I enjoy.


Forgot to mention above, that adding the P15 to my PassLabs XA100’s definitely gave them so much more power for transients and base. However good without, but adding the Power plant made them sing more than ever.


Same great experience with two Plinius SA 103 bridged as mono blocks and plugged in a P20.


My incredibly powerful :wink: 3 watt per channel class A Monoblocks are transformed by the P10 or P15.


PS Audio regenerators have taken my system to a whole
new high level of consistent sound quality day or night…

You cannot go wrong adding a P20 to your system…
it will only add :smile: :smile: :grin: to your :musical_score: :notes: :musical_note: :musical_keyboard: :violin: :trumpet: :saxophone: :guitar:

Best wishes in your audio journey


Perl- I know this is an old thread but are you still liking your P15 with your Pass Labs amp?

Ah yes, very much.

I tried my power amp (Meridian 857 reference) without P15, but could not last more than a few hours.

The regenerators I have made a big difference. Each person’s results will be determined by their system, and the quality of the power they get without one. I also found that replacing the fuse in each with an Audio Magic Bee Wax made a noticeable improvement, even though that defies all logic. That shouldn’t work, but it did for me.


I have recently moved my system from its original room to a new space. Prior to the move I had my Gryphon Antileon Evo amplifier plugged into my P20. The P20 handled the load with no noticeable negative effects. I thought things sounded a bit better with the big Class A amp plugged ino the P20.

Oddly enough, after the move, using the same power cables into the same zones on the P20 I would now hear a hum from the P20 when I would power up the Amp. If I set the amp to full power the hum would get louder. I have no idea why. Perhaps it was humming before and I missed it but I doubt this quite a bit. So tonight I plugged the Amp into its own 20 amp circuit and the P20 into its own 20 amp circuit. I need to listen now to see if I notice a difference.

Curious though. The hum was at a level that I could hear it between tracks. The total load on the P20 was about 1100 watts with everything at full load.

Very interesting, Al.
I had my P20 hidden behind my rack. It developed an occasional hum that I could hear from my listening position. I was preparing myself to stop using it, maybe send it in for service.
But since I moved it back into the rack, the humming stopped. It’s been months with no hum.
Both positions were powered by the same 20 amp outlet and nothing powered by it has changed.
Everything plugged into it sounds better (easily).
I have no explanation other than metaphysical.


I have been listening for a couple of hours now with the amp plugged into a dedicated 20 amp circuit with one of them there $300 outlets and it seems to work fine. I may plug the amp back into the P20 again as it didn’t hum before the move. So odd.


Oddly enough, I have the other effect. My Dan D’Agostino hums quite loudly when I plug it in the wall, but I have never heard a peep out of it when plugged into my P20.


Is the hum coming from the transformer in the P20? I have a P10 and when my wife has a certain lamp lit in the room above me the P10 will noticeably hum. The lamp must be sending something into the power line that causes the transformer to be noisy. Perhaps something like that is happening in the new room?

It is odd. In the previous location power came over a 25 foot heavy duty extension cord to an expensive cable to the P20. No hum.

In the new situation the P20 expensive cable plugs directly into an expensive audiophile grade outlet which is connected to a dedicated 20 amp circuit. No extension cord but hum. Odd.