Power Plant HC Output Questions

At power on does the HC output ramp or limit inrush current to the connected load (amp)? What about the other other channels? Also seems logical but do the Power Plants switch power on to each device at the zero crossing point of the AC output waveform?

Reason for asking my 60W/ ch tube amp with unregulated PS occasionally will pop a fuse if power is switched on at the peak of the AC waveform. Thanks…

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Just as a point of information, HiFi-Tuning makes the Supreme3 XT (extra slow blow) specifically to mitigate problems caused by the power inrush at turn-on.


Hey Scott.arledge…

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Which power plant do you have…?

Reson for asking some have individual programming
options for the power outlets that will allow a delay
power up that you can select so that your amp can
then be power up after power palnt has stabilize after boot up

I’m not usre of the power plant’s inrush on boot up …
but jamesh our “whiz kid” can certainly advise…

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Power Plant 12 is on order. The fuse popping is in the amp connected with passive power filtering. I’ll look into the extra slow fuses. Thank you!

The P12 an excellent unit does have individually program turn on timing
that can be selected to come on after P12 initializes…

Hope that helps…

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I believe the only difference of the “HC” outlets is limiting inrush (output) when the powerplant is switched on.

That’s pretty much the idea. There is also a bit of software that tells the PowerPlant “hey, this big inrush is just an amp turning on, don’t worry about going into protection because it will only last a quick second.”