Power Plant 3

I’m interested in replacing the fuse on my P3 Power plant and appreciate any recommendations. I recently compared the Hifi-Tuning Supreme and Audio Horizons fuses on my Primaluna Dialogue Premium Int amp and found the AH slightly better than the Hifi fuse especially in the treble region. The Hifi-Tuning fuse is mentioned several times in these forums and wondering if anyone has tried any from AH.

Since there are no responses to my question, can anyone explain the benefit(s) of adding an after market fuse?

Thanks, Ron

I am not sure of any benefit to a Power Plant. But changing fuses in audio equipment, like DACS, seems to work miracles. I have heard big changes with HI FI Tuning fuses. We have upgraded our fuses we supply to people in our equipment and, though HIFI Tuning and others may have an edge, the gap has been narrowed greatly by us.

Why it changes I haven’t a clue.


Thanks for your reply and appreciate your honesty.