What do the newer Powerplants do after a power outage?

During high winds, we sometimes get short power outages and the power returns before I can ‘switch off’ the tube pre and power amps. I was wondering how the newer Powerplants behave after a power outage. Do they power back up ‘always on’ and ‘switched’ outputs? A bit unrelated, can the 12v trigger be programmed with a delay?


I have a P3 and it powers back up with all the outlets on, just like if you turned the power on via the switch on the back of the unit. The P3 doesn’t have separate ‘always on’ and ‘switched’ outputs, and it doesn’t have any trigger ins/outs either. I don’t know how the P12 thru P20 behave, though.

Thanks for sharing these details of the P3.

The P12 has a programable delay for each segment of 2 outlets. I have a long delay set on mine in case of a power outage, as I do not want my tube amp to be off for a second then go back on right away.

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Thanks for that info. I think I will be looking to add a power plant.