Power Plant Premier - New remote

Hello, Does anyone have any info on locating a remote to buy for the older PPP? I have lost the one for my PPP.

Thank you very much.

If you buy the remote for the DirectStream DAC (which I believe you can get from PS Audio for about 15 dollars) it has controls for the Power Plant Premier incorporated as well. Will do most functions I believe if not all. Alternately you could see if PS Audio has P10 etc. remotes for sale, they too will do most funtions on the Premier.

I will look into this. Mostly it seems without the remote im not able to use Cleanwave and Multiwave. If its confirmed the p10 can and will work with PPP that might be my fix.

Okay, I have no idea where my PPP remote might be these days* but I just used the DirectStream DAC remote and the remote for my P15 with my PPP.

Cleanwave, Display on and dim, MultiWave, on and off all work with the DirectStream remote. All those work with the P15 remote except that remote will turn the PPP off, but doesn’t seem to turn it back on again, which is odd!

*I actually have my PPP stuck behind a cadenza my wife loves (she hated my Mapleshade Samson racks) with the rest of my stereo equipment except for my Oppo player which is in the one audio slot in the cadenza–as a result I set the PPP and forget it, occasionally I use the DirectStream remote to activate CleanWave.


Our current PowerPlant remote will work with your PPP. Feel free to shoot me an email and I can get you one for $15. jamesh@psaudio.com