Remote Control settings for Power Plant Premier

Hello! I love PS Audio. I have bought and used three power regeneration products over the years and have been very happy with all of them.

I have lost the remote control for my Power Plant Premier. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to control it remotely? I would assume that it uses standard IR codes (like Philips RC5) but I don’t know the details. How should I go about getting a replacement remote for the power plant premier? I checked eBay but nothing is available, but I figure that if I know the IR code I could do a little bit of research and find a way to do it with a universal remote.

Apologies if this is in the incorrect forum!


Jason, have you checked with the factory guys? They have all sorts of odd stuff in their warehouse. They found me a new remote for an old preamp a while back.

Well I can’t believe it, but mere hours after my post I was contacted by PS Audio. They sent me a remote for free! No kidding. They just sent me a brand new remote!

now I can access all of the cool features easily.

this level of customer service is simply amazing.

what a great company!!


Hello Tzadkiel,

I have the same problem. I have had a moving forniture (I apologice for my bad english), and have lost the remote controller of my Power Plant Premier.

I am trying to now how to get a new one here in Spain.

In any case, did you find the IR codes for the commands ?? Or did you find a universal controller the control remotely the Power Plant ??

Thanks in advance !!