Power Plant Premier owners

I’ve purchase an 8 year old PPP.The actual performance of the unit is great, bit a week into using it the PPP is showing its age?

Curious if long term owners(if any) experienced this quirky,intermittent problem. I’m experiencing intermittent power(dead) at the outlets. Occurs after shutting down and powering back up-next day. Random duplexes will work, yet others dead and usually decide to operate as time passes.

Im only sucking up less than a third of its rated capacity and noticed the fan kicks in. Unnoticeable unless it’s time to change a record/adj. something.

Display appears normal with a pretty steady12OV/.2THD readout.

I’m hoping to squeeze a few years out of it. Guessing issue will increase with time so maybe get it serviced while parts still available? I understand replacing a regen unit isn’t cheap.