Power Plant Premier Repair

I’m going to take a crack at repairing my Premier. It popped all the fuses on the source components that were in stand by mode when I turn on the Premier. I can see burnt SMT on the regulator board (R39,R40, Q11,Q13,Q14,D13,D14). This may have been a common problem with this model as PSA used to sell repair kits for this. The unit still powers up and I’m getting 120VAC on the receptacles on the back. I’m waiting on my parts order . Any suggestions ,tips . I didn’t order new power transistors or the big capacitors yet.

Do you already have the schems you need?

Yes PS audio gave me all they had. I finally got to get into mine and there is a lot of damage I can see. I removed the output Darlington’s and all four are blown . I found a small piece of metal probably aluminum between the pad and transistor on two them . My unit could have been ticking time bomb since its was made. Probably not worth it for me to try to fi it.

Yes, sadly the parts for these guys plus the amount of work it takes to service them has made them really expensive to get back up and running. At least you gave it a shot.