PS Audio Stellar Power Plant P3 equipment attachment question(s)

First post here. So first off, hello.
I originally posted this in another forum, but lack of traffic and a ‘why not just go to the source?’ mindset brought me here. I hope someone can answer. Here’s the question:

I recently ordered the newer Stellar P3 for a modest system. I’m currently in the process of building a home with a dedicated audio room with its own 20a lines—5 of them, each dedicated and with their own Furutech GXT-D® and Oyaide R0 outlets—separate from the rest of the house (looking like end-of-May or mid-June completion), and thought just for overkill I’d try the power regeneration route after reading so much about potential benefits.

Some background information on the components I plan on connecting to the P3: I have a mostly Naim system consisting of a SuperNait 2, CD5XS and HiCap-DR PSUs supplying power to each; a Tavish Audio Design Adagio phono pre; and a Well-Tempered Amadeus GTA with DPS/speed controller PSU. I also have a CablePro NANA (a Naim star-grounded ‘power strip’) that I typically connect the Naim units.

Since the P3 offers four regeneration outlets and two hi-current outlets, my plan is to plug the SuperNait to the hi-current outlet (since the P3 maxes-out at a 300VA load) and the rest (sources) to the regeneration outlets. So my question(s) is/are since three of these components are connected to their own power supplies, would connecting the PSUs to the regen side of the P3, while the components, themselves, are each connected to the CablePro strip, benefit in this configuration? Something like this:

• Naim CD5X —> CablePro NANA; HiCap to P3 (regen)
• Amadeus —> CablePro NANA; WTL DPS to P3 (regen)
• Tavish Adagio to P3 (regen)

Or should I be looking at connecting in a manner like this:

Regenerated (4 Outlets):
• Naim CD5X
• HiCap (for CD5X)
• Tavish Adagio
• WTL DSP (thus the turntable to NANA)

What I am trying to ascertain is does the P3 regeneration ‘see’ the power supplies and benefit the units being connected to them (even though I’d have to plug the units into the strip) in the chain? I have yet to read about PSUs and the PS Audio power plants and how they should be conntected, so hoping someone here might shed some light on this.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for having me!

No one? Hmmm…what if I put it this way: forget the HiCap. Theoretically, with regard to the regeneration outlets on the P3, should ANY external power supply benefit the component it’s feeding power to, even if the component, itself, has to be plugged into the wall (20a dedicated) or passive strip into the wall? Maybe my Naim gear is throwing off any potential responses?

Hi welcome,while I don’t have any of your associated equipment I have a P 20 all my PSU are all plugged into it. mine are Sboosters , I find a benefit with everything plugged in to regeneration.sorry if this is no help you, you should also try experimenting when it comes that’ll give you the best answers.

Hi donkt150. No, it is absolutely helpful (as the Stellar P3 takes much of the tech from the P20 from my understanding, so it is relatively apples-to-apples). Also agree with experimentation. Since I am limited on both outlets and headroom on the P3 unit (300 watts max.), I thought I’d ask here since the knowledge-base is so significantly high. I assumed the external PSU/P3 interface within the chain is primary and the component plug-in secondary as far as what the Stellar ‘sees’, thus there would be the benefit; however, we all know what assuming leads to.

Yes assuming,just beware I have my P 20 for two months now once you plug something in to regeneration you can’t unplug it.enjoy your P3 it’ll serve you well,I am sure IMO .

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Seriously, thank you for your insight and time.

You’re very welcome, no problem seriously enjoy your P3, I believe it will serve you well.

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There is no right or wrong answer to your question. You just need to experiment and see what combo sounds best to you. I would start by plugging the Supernait 2 and it’s Hi-Cap direct into the wall and plug the rest of the gear into the P3 leaving the Naim power strip out of the equation. In my system everything but the BHK 250 is plugged in to the P3. That includes the CD transport, the streamer, the phono preamp, the DAC and the preamp. The 250 would take it way over the limit and I expect the Supernait and it’s external power supply would too.

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Thanks dawkinsj! I think what you’re proposing is a great start, honestly. The SuperNait is rated at 400VA max output, but in real-world on average (RMS) terms I haven’t a clue what it really is and don’t feel like being in the red on the P3 at any time.
I added-up the total watts consumption for all the sources quoted in the OP, and we’re really only looking at 140 watts output ( combined: x2 HiCaps, CD5X, Well-Tempered Labs DPS and Tavish Adagio phono), so about half of the 300-watt max of the P3. I like that. I’m tempted to put the SN2 on a regen outlet, but I think you’re right. I’ll experiment plugging it and its HiCap into the HC outlet and direct-to-wall to see which sounds better. Thank you!

Chances are it will just flash red when you turn the SN on last but unless you really turn it up it would probably go right back to green and be fine at low to normal volumes so worth a try at least.

Good to know. I will try that, too. My listening room is a soundproofed, well-insulated bonus room above a three car garage with uneven surfaces measuring 17.5’ x 14.5’ x 9’, so listening distance to the speakers likely won’t allow me to really push anything hard or outrageous. ‘Normal’ SPLs is what I generally prefer anyway. Thanks, sir!