Power Sonic


It appears to be some kind of isolation/balanced transformer with multiple secondary taps. I am hoping to find the specifications for the unit.

thanks for any help.



Yup, it was a 500 watt isolation transformer, 1:1.


Wow! Quick reply! Thanks!

It appears to have multiple secondaries. I am wondering how much load each winding can handle, and if the outputs were balanced. Thinking out load; I can measure the “hot” and “neutral” with reference to ground, and I should get 60ish volts AC on each leg if it’s balanced, yes?

Since it’s got 4 duplex outlets, is it safe to assume that each one is good for ~100watts…ish?



Honestly I do not remember. Sorry. It’s a transformer so it should be balanced on the output. We used multiple secondaries to isolate the outlets.