PowerBase-P5-Soloist Setup Question

I just added a 2nd PowerBase for my P5 and I am looking for some advice on how best to setup my system based on the design of the PS Audio equipment and the setup options outlined below (Note: All of my audio system components including my amps are driven by the P5 - currently Oppo BDP-105 on a PB, Conrad Johnson Premier 14 PA, Conrad Johnson MF2500 SS Amp with various Shunyata, PS Audio, Nordost cabling):

I am interested in adding the 2nd PB to the P5 (vs the preamp) since it is located close to my Rogers LS35/a + AB-1 speaker setup and I want to limit vibration effects.

Option #1 P5>Passive PB > AC12 > Soloist

Option #2 P5>Stock PB Cord>PB>AC12>Soloist

Option #3 P5>Stock PB Cord>PB>AC12>Std Outlet

I think in one of the forums Paul mentioned that using the SOloist and the PB powered might not be the best course of action. Maybe he will chime in on this subject as well

Thank you in advance

I would start with option 3. I agree with Paul that option 2 is probably the least desirable configuration. You probably can evaluate your equipment to decide which is the worst generator of noise on the power line and place a filter between that and the P5. I would consider placing one of the filters, either the PB or Soloist, between the P5 and the Oppo, but this is just a guess.

You have a wonderful opportunity for experimentation. Isn’t that what Audiophilia is all about? :smiley:


Absolutely. Just concerned about doing something that goes against design principles. I do have a 2nd PB between the Oppo & the P5

Thanks JP.