Powerbase alternatives


I’ve been using three powerbases in my system for the last several years. I use them just for the isolation, not the power filtering. Lately I’ve had to rearrange some things and find that I need an additional base. Can anyone recommend an alternative? Preferably something that you’ve actually tried and compared to the powerbase for isolation performance? Thanks!

Can’t say I’ve tried the powerbase or the Delos, sorry, but see the link below for a product similar to the powerbase.

Isoacoustics - Delos

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I have a black PowerBase that I’m not that attached to - would this be of interest?

Sure. What condition is it in? Does it still have the top film?

No - it is in good shape nonetheless.

I think I just PM’ed you. I’m not too familiar with the links here.

Had sent a reply to your email - did it come through?

I did get your PM with the photo. Last night I sent a reply via the alert that came to my email. Did you receive that reply? I don’t know my way around this site. I can’t find where private messages are located. Does each user have an inbox somewhere?

I would give you my private email here, but I just don’t want it to get phished up.

Wise not to get phished

I just posted my message from yesterday below the PM you sent to me. Please see if you can see it on the PS site.

Thanks, amsco15. I did notice this at MD. Seems like it’s got potential.

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Is your black Powerbase still available?
If so, you can e-mail me at marc_94801@yahoo.com, I have a robust spam filter system in place so not worried about posting publicly.

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