Power Base?

Was this an older product that has since been discontinued?

Yes. https://www.psaudio.com/products/perfectwave-powerbase/

Thanks. Wonder why it was discontinued, it seemed to be well received.

Why did you stop this product?

Probably get a better response if you ask @Paul

I’m betting they didn’t sell well, or the parts became too expensive or unavailable or all three.

Low sales. We had talked about maybe removing the power part of the base and hing is as just an isolation base but we couldn’t make the numbers work and would have had to charge more than we thought was fair.

My apologies, I wasn’t asking. I thought I was posting a link to a thread with this same question from last year.

Elk, what did I do wrong? I copied and pasted the link and after I posted it, it took me to the other thread. Now it looks like I typed the title of the thread as a response. I guess I’m still getting the hang of this.

I just looked at it again. It is not clear to me why it did not work. We could see the title of the earlier thread, but it did not link to the thread itself.

You were doing a great job making an effort to refer us to an earlier thread asking the same thing.

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It’s a shame they didn’t sell well. I just use them for the isolation myself, I find they work extremely well in my system. I have nine of them! (Bought most of them used or significantly discounted). Honestly, I could use one more!

want my black one?

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I have one under my SonoruS reel-to-reel deck and it works fabulously!

Maybe. I’ll message you in a bit. Things are a bit tight now but we’ll see. Thanks.

Thanks to Ron, I don’t need another one. Shouldn’t have spent the money, but we all know how that goes!

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Looking for one or two of these, if anyone is selling.


They’re excellent, especially under the DSD.

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I would like to have a silver one if someone is selling/giving one.

I have a half dozen AC-12 half meter power cords for the Powerbase if anyone is interested. I only use my bases for isolation these days so no need for the power cords. Make an offer if interested.