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Hi Folks, I have a Direct Stream PP 15 and recently purchased the BHK Signature Pre Amp. Both come with a remote. I am looking for a one step remote solution so I don’t need to use both to get my gear up and running. Is there a way to program the BHK remote to also start up the PP? If not is a 12 volt trigger cable an option?

A related question: Is the PP 15 providing the power regenerating benefits when a component is plugged into it in the “always on” mode but the PP15 is not turned on? If so, that may resolve my two remotes issue.

Appreciate any input. If this post should be in a different category moderator should feel free to move.

Thanks! MB

The P 15 has a trigger out connection, so you should be able to connect that to the preamp. I don’t believe that you can program the silver remote. But there are other things to think about.

PSA recommends that equipment be left on but in standby mode for best sound quality. The Power Plants do not provide any power when they are turned off. So you will be faced with a significantly longer warm-up time if you go that route. To put the preamp in standby you will need either the silver remote or the blue logo button on the unit. And PSA recommends putting components in standby before turning off the power switch in the back (which is functionally equivalent to turning off a Power Plant).

I don’t have a P15, but I do have a BHK Pre, BHK 250 combination. I use the trigger from the Pre to the 250 and control all power up via the Pre. Suits me perfectly, wouldn’t do it any other way.

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Thanks for the response. Isn’t the power from the power plant always on to the component when the plug is set to always on? In my question I was talking about shutting off the PP with the remote not the switch in back.

You’re right, my bad. I just double checked the manual and power does indeed flow if a zone is set to Always On. I don’t know what made me think of it the other way.

No worries

You can program your power plant: always on, delayed, or program.

I have my P12 setup for three outlet banks to be always on, the fourth bank manages the power amp. When I turn on the P12 at the switch, it powers the amp. I can use all other components when the P12 is switched off (Preamp, DAC, Headphone amp.)

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Thanks net, I guess I just don’t understand the difference between shutting off a PP at the switch and shutting off with the remote. I’m using “always on” option for my preamp, streamer, etc. I can have PP shut off, by the remote’s off button and “always on” plugged components still work. Do I ever need to turn the PP on (talking by remote) if I am set up with the “always on” selections? And, what I originally asked, am I getting all the benefits of the PP 15 if it is switched off by the remote when I am using my system? Hope that makes sense. M

If your outlet banks are set to always on, you can leave the power switch off, and not activate the panel.

I would suggest you enroll in powerplay. Some good info available online regarding voltage, wattage, THD, and temperature.

Remote power on is the same as manually activating the switch on the panel.

Perfect! Thanks netspecht-2. That is as I was starting to suspect - the remote is really just turning on the display panel. I’ll run it now with display off and just use BHK Pre remote. I’ll also checkout powerplay so my education can continue. :wink:

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