Powerplant and how they handle electrical faults in equipment

Ok so my question is simply centred around the fact that the powerwave units effectively Isolate the mains from the device that it feeds. From an electrical point of view that means that an rcd (electrical safety device that detects a fault condition in an attached device) will not work with a perfectwave. Can someone from ps audio confirm what electrical safety protocols have been incorporated into the perfectwave units? If a device upstream develops an electrical short or other dangerous fault, will the units shut down? Will they refuse to start if they detect an electrical error in an upstream device? I have used isolation transformers in the past to remove DC from the mains and in that instance i bought an inline rcd / safety device

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I’m sure PSA will chime in but I’m pretty confident ground is maintained through PowerPlants for safety reasons (not to mention regulatory mandates)

That is absolutely correct. We have to maintain ground and we make sure each receptacle is grounded and done so with heavy gauge, proper wiring techniques to minimize any differences in potential.

So if I were to use an rcd tester on one of the receptacles to simulate a fault condition, the rcd on my switchboard would trip? Rcd is the terminology here is aus and it will be different in the US.

My understanding of an RCD tester is that it’s used to test whether or not an outlet will trip either by too much current or via a ground fault. I would absolutely NOT try this on the Power Plant. This is an active regenerator and not a wired AC outlet. I am
not well enough versed with how the RCD tester works but from just a guess it might trip the PP’s protection circuitry or, hopefully not, worse.

Paul thanks for responding again.
An RCD tester creates an imbalance between the Live and Neutral lines of between 25mv to 40mv to simulate an electrical fault (e.g a cut wire). RCD devices are fitted to Australian mains installations as part of the Building Code.
I guess the important thing is not whether an RCD tester would work with the powerplant. I am really wondering about the electrical safety incorporated into the Powerplant units. I understand that they detect overvoltage and under voltage and polarity issues but I’m wondering if in addition to this whether they can detect conditions in an attached appliance that would lead to electrical shock to the operator.

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Ahhh, ok, thanks. Understood. They are what we would use for this country’s GFI outlets (Ground Fault).

No, there’s no mechanism in the Power Plant to detect a ground fault (where a certain level of current to ground is detected and disconnects the outlet).

I thought it might be an arc fault interrupter, but it is the same as ground fault according to wikipedia