P3 Display

Re-posting in a new thread - Is there a way to turn off the front display (bright red numbers on the front)? Hitting the “display” button the remote, as recommended for the P5, doesn’t seem to do anything. Thanks…

The best way to dim the P3’s display while still powering your gear, is to set the outlets to always on, and then put the unit in standby mode. You can set the P3’s outlets to always on in PowerPlay. Once done, putting the P3 into standby mode won’t turn off the outlets in the back and it will still power your gear.

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Pressing the display button returns the P3’s display to the default view of incoming voltage/wattage load. It is in the manual.
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I'm afraid the answer Jamesh suggested, and already posted in the earlier thread, is going to continue to prevail.

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