PP12 web configuration

I experimented with configuring my PP12 outlet names via the web interface today, with some strange results!

  1. The web interface is scaled for a larger Power Plant with 5 zones and 16 outlets. However the PP12 has 4 zones, each of 2 outlets.
  2. Zone C outlets 3 & 4 (not physically existing) have a !DEF indication next to them (error message?) in the web interface.
  3. The same for both outlets in zones D and E.
  4. I entered names for outlet 2 in each of the zones A, B, C, and D. The Zone A names were saved. Zone B names are now missing. Zone C names are now the names I entered for Zone B.
  5. The last name I entered was for outlet 2 in zone C. This name was repeated for the remaining 2 outlets (not physically existing) in zone C, and also for each outlet in zones D and E.
  6. The name I entered in zone D outlet 2 was not saved.

My Power Plant is a new unit with Main version 0.02.11 and Web version 1.22.00.
Can anyone else confirm these odd results? Thanks.