PowerPlay vs Reality

The powerplay page for my P12 does not match the unit. The unit has 8 outlets divided into 4 zones. The powerplay page has 16 outlets divided into 5 zones. Is there a plan to correct this?

Odd. I do not recall anyone else reporting this.

I expect @jamesh will see this and will look into it.

Here is my old post on this.

First posted in P12 firmware update will not load - #34 by Terrence

PSA has been informed and as far as I know they are working on it.

Thank you @Terrence !

Thanks Elk and Terrence.
Seems like this issue is a year old. Wish PSA would get us another firmware update to deal with it.

Maybe we’re posting the wrong picture on the website? I can check with the webmaster. Sorry about that. Obviously, the P12 has 8 outlets and 4 zones as you suggest.

I see you have both a P5 and 12. Do they both appear like this?

No, the configuration page on the P5 is correct. The configuration page of the P12 is the issue. I recently updated the firmware to version 2.11, that’s when I noticed this issue.

Indeed, when I rcvd my P12 year ago the web interface was good, and went ahead to assign the outlet name at that time. But later update to 2.11, the web interface was incorrect, but it kept the outlet names I set. This is how I know the outlet name matches the 2.11 web interface and emailed to PSA support and also posted it on the forum.
Since Powerplay was not available then, I guess not many users connect P12 to the network. (I have P12 on my network, to main power on/off all my PSA gears connected to it via iPad) Recently, 2 or 3 P12 users have posted the same question, might be due to Powerplay is available now.

OK, good to know. I’ll see if we can get this fixed quickly.