PPP Problem


I am in the UK and have a PPP which I have had for about 5 years. I recently noticed that the Output THD is higher than I’m used to.

Input voltage is 247

Output voltage 240/1

Input THD 2.7%

Output THD 2.7%

It’s still working and powering everything, no clicking and no fans.

I did a processor reset and no change.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


Welcome, David

Unfortunately, this typically means the regeneration unit has failed. I suggest contacting PS Audio directly and asking for assistance.

Good luck!

And stick around. :)

Thanks and you’re welcome to do that. However, Kevin of Signature Sound in the UK is quite a good guy to help out. I would contact him first. If you need his info, go to the upper menu of this website, look under “Support” and use the Find a dealer function for his info.

Thanks Elk and thank you Paul. I have been in contact with Kevin and he says that he is unable to repair a PPP and suggested I upgrade to the P10. I’d love to and it’s outside my budget at the moment. As an EE I’m wondering if I can get a replacement regenerator board from you and fit it myself.

Thanks you for your help.

Best Wishes