Hi everybody i am new here just joined today,i need help please.
When i press the ps audio logo button to start,it makes a clicking sound for 10-15 minutes but stops.the thd in is 2.5% and thd out is 0.4%
please can somebody tell me there is nothing wrong with the regenerator board,but the unit is working correctly
the clicking stops and never starts again.Voltage input is 220volt and output is 218v.


If the THD out is lower than THD in, that means the regenerator is working fine.The clicking is the protection relay that might indicate there is something funny going on with your power and the unit is going back and forth between protection and not protection. It can also mean the unit is developing a problem, but so far it sounds like it is ok. Keep an eye on it, perhaps leave it on all the time and just see.

Hi Paul

Thank you for looking at my problem-very appreciated.

Hello everybody.

I have a problem with my ps aduo ppp.

My ps audio ppp is behaving very erractically,i noticed the the output voltage is jumping like form 1v to 197v to 67v 128v 253V(all crazy numbers) and the THD% OUTPUT IS 2.5%.

The input voltage is 223v-228v the input %THD IS 1.5%.

i woke up this morning,thinking it would come right but its still behaving like this.

inspite of all this the top surface of the unit is cold,i think it should a bit warm so i know its working correctly

I have no support here or anybody that can help me as i still like the ps audioo ppp.

can somebody give me a clear concise explanation of this.

many thanks



That does not sound good at all. Are those output voltage figures what the display says or have you measured with a volt meter? If the former, I’d suggest getting a meter and measuring the output in case it’s just a display problem. I would not plug anything into it until this is resolved (low voltages can be as damaging as high voltages).

neville said

I have no support here or anybody that can help me as i still like the ps audioo ppp.

Neville, support is available (though not in Durban, on site, of course). However, the problem is that your unit is way, way out of warranty - so it is going to be expensive. The PPP is not an easy piece of electronics to repair and lately I have been advised by PS Audio to return the faulty inside chassis to them for a factory repair. You could of course also courier it to HFX (JHB) at your cost, where technical will have a look at it for you.

Just a thumbsuck: To replace your inside chassis may cost you towards R15K. This is the worst-case scenario I’d say, but also the recommended route IMHO.

Personally, I’d like to see you rather move to a P3. Of course this will be much more expensive, but I do believe it’s the best one. The P3 is much better suited to the wild voltage swings we often experience here.

Paul, Distributor SA.

Hi Paul

thanks for the reply,appreciative-need your help if possible

The problem is a REGULATION ISSUE as i got this from the PS ADUIO SERVICE MANUAL


1.The Bypass Relay never enables the regulated output.

Solution to fix: a) ps audio says to:replace the Regulator PCA & Darlington transistors Q1,Q2,Q3 & Q4

  1. The Bypass Relay "clicks in and out.

    Solution to fix:a) ps audio says to:replace the Regulator & Darlington transistors Q1,Q2,Q3 & Q4

I have no other issues besides the one i described in NO 1. & NO.2

i hope you can do something or help.

Please contact me on 031 2692008 at about :6.30pm if you can